Mobile Application Development

Whether you are looking for a native, custom, or hybrid app or want a cross-platform responsive web app, we are a one-stop-solution provider for all your mobile app development needs. All our specialists are committed to deliver all-round custom mobile app development services, from consulting and project specification to integration, deployment and market release.
iOS Application Development
iPhone is the most popular phone in the world, and iTunes is the most happening App store, with over 1.2 Million Apps, 300 Million unique visits per week, and 75 billion downloads. Needless to say, having a robust iPhone app and an iPad app is one of the prerequisites for successful businesses.
Skybase iOS app developers have a perfect command of both Objective-C and Swift. Working with iOS SDK, CocoaTouch, Core Data, Core Animation, Location Services, UIKit, and many more tools, our team delivers successful iPhone and iPad apps that easily get published on App Store.
Mobile app developers at Skybase has extensive experience in iPhone, iPad and iOS app development for globally renowned companies. Our iOS developers are the best in the industry when it comes to developing Hybrid iOS apps, Native iOS apps, Titanium iOS apps and Phone Gap iOS apps. Whatever your requirement is, our core competencies, iterative and agile app development process, and prior experience ensure you receive high-quality iOS app development services.
Our iOS developers understand that a successful iPhone and iPad app development process comes from focusing on your goals, your development budget, and your expected time-to-market. Our iPhone and iPad developers always stay up-to-date with the latest iOS releases, ensuring that your app not only stands out from the crowd, but always features the best that the platform has to offer. We channelize your ideas into innovative iPhone and iPad apps which increases the scalability of your business.
ANDROID Application Development
The first commercial handset running on Android was released in 2008. Today, this Linux-based platform, which was purchased and then developed by Google, not only dominates the mobile smartphone market, but also serves as a powerful platform for tablets, TVs, set-top boxes, smart watches, car-navigation systems, etc.
With the growth of the operating system, the number of Android apps also increased. By November 2015, there were more than 1.8 million apps on the Google Play Store, a testament to Android's 84.4% smartphone market share.
We specialize in creating user-friendly, robust and scalable Android apps which maximize performance on the Android platform. Our Android app developers keep up with the time and write mobile apps not only on Java, but also on Kotlin. They leverage Android SDK, Eclipse IDE, Volley, Gradle, Logcat, UIAutomator, as well as powerful APIs to achieve the best app performance and appearance on all Android devices.
We understand that similar looking apps on the Google Play Store may easily drive consumers away from your app. Therefore, our team of Android developers ensures that they not only build a great Android mobile app which stands the test of time, but is also reliable, functional, and customized to your requirements.
Our specialty lies in infusing the Android platform's DNA within your app, while ensuring it stands out from the . This results in an app which works across mobile and tablet devices, and across different Android versions, with the same performance, power, and UX
Hybrid App Development
Mobile app development has gained tremendous significance over the years. However, with the influx of different mobile platforms, the costs involved in developing and maintaining native apps has increased manifold. Hence, the latest trend for mobile apps for business is to build them as cross-platforms mobile apps or Hybrid mobile apps in order to reduce the cost and effort considerably.
In addition, our team of front-end developers can tap their skills in your Cordova (PhoneGap), AngularJS, Ionic or React Native projects. Knowing the limitations of hybrid frameworks, our team makes shrewd strategic decisions to get the most out of JavaScript, CSS and HTML for mobile.
App Strategy & Proposal
An app strategy sets the roadmap for your app business by defining the overall portfolio, its category, selection of development tools, protocols, and mobile app policies that lead to a successful mobile apps.
Wireframe & Paper Prototyping
Paper Prototyping and Wireframes are also built which enable us to quickly map the journey through content and are also useful for helping to establish the scope of a project, enabling us to identify all the different screens we might need to design.
App Design
App Design is where your app starts getting transmuted into reality from a mere idea. Both Apple and Android have their own design guidelines which must be followed to get the desired results. A lot of designers can make you an app, but only the ones with substantial and varied experience can give you the right output in terms of appropriateness and aesthetics. Our developers know the Android and iOS design guidelines by heart. From integrating Force touch in the correct places, to making a correct use of taps, swipes, etc., we ensure your app design always stands out from the rest. When the design of a product or feature is finished, and is passed on to a more skilled developer to undertake the final build, a high fidelity, and clickable prototype are created to ensure that the developer has a clear understanding of what’s what.
Client Approval
Once the client approves the design we move to development stage.
App Development
Our lean development period ensures you receive a highly-functional app with desired UX at a short turnaround time. We also use platforms such as Firebase and Parse to polish your app and remove irregularities, if any. Our developers aims at delivering applications with impeccable power and unmixed functionality. We specialize at developing best and robust Android/ ios applications. Our developers are efficient in serving multiple domains.
Quality Assurance
We take into account the functionality, security, performance, compatibility and usability of mobile application. Our testing process involves multiple stages.
  • Developers deliver a build to QA
  • QA performs functional testing & identifies bug in the code
  • QA sends report to the product owners for feedback
  • Product team prioritizes the bug for developers
  • Product team presents priorities to QA
  • QA recaps with development team
Launch & Publish the Apps
Now it’s time to finally submit your app to the app store(s). We are well aware of the submission guidelines and are able to get the app approved. We guide and assist in promoting the app on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on.
Post-launch Support and Maintenance
We provide unmatched support services after app deployment. We have placed emphasis on providing support and maintenance services for apps even after they are deployed. We follow Continuous Delivery approach, allowing for a more holistic strategy that gives your product a much clearer direction.